Supplier Search

Great suppliers make great events; it's a fact, so at Mode for...Events we are always keen to work with a variety of great suppliers.


From venues to musicians, caterers to florists, we have some amazing contacts and colleagues in a variety of professions who can offer the perfect solution for your event.


After consultation with our clients we source a range of venues or suppliers that fit the criteria. We then offer three solutions and present them to you with images and information and costs. With a variety of “in-house” service options we can be also be very competitive on price.


Our costs are based on an hourly rate of £35 per hour and we will always let you know how many hours we anticipate the work taking before we undertake any searches.


Furthermore, we only charge a searching fee and no commission is taken on external suppliers., so any discounts are passed directly on to the client. We do not deal with payment of external suppliers and just co-ordinate all suppliers allowing for payment direct between the supplier and the client.