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Why You Need to Hire Me

Ever asked yourself why you need a wedding planner?


Maybe, it's not a wedding planner you need, but someone who knows everything about weddings, takes time to understand you, looks after your mental wellbeing and supports you as plan your amazing day.


That person is me.. and here's a few reasons why you need me:


•This is one of the biggest and most important events in your life and I will help you plan it without letting you get overwhelmed.


•Planning a wedding can take hundreds of hours, so when you’re busy with work, family and life let me take the stress and strain away from you and let you relax and enjoy the whole experience.


•Wedding planners are not a huge unnecessary expense, in fact they can be the complete opposite. I will not only help you save money and keep to your budget, I will give you massive value and save you your sanity which is more vaulable than money.


What I will do for you:


•Make your mental health and wellbeing a priority.


•Take away all the stress of planning your wedding.


•Support and guide you every step of the way and manage your complete event from the first time we meet you until your big day, if you really need that, or just be on the end of  a call to let you know you're doing great planning your own wedding.


•Run your event in a relaxed fashion with complete professionalism and precision.


•Be there for you for everything from sourcing your venue to on the day management.


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